As the mother of a teenager who’s been under Shazi’s care the past few months, I cannot praise her enough for her overall competence as a nutritional therapist and the gentle touch she brings to her profession. Dealing with teenagers isn’t easy and convincing them with logic often harder still. Shazi has handled my daughter with so much kindness and patience and been there to address her various doubts, questions, and confusions that I feel fortunate to have found her.

As a parent, it’s very reassuring to know that my child is in good hands with Shazi helping her to rehabilitate nutritionally. I truly cannot recommend her enough.

– S.S.

I began working with Shazi to get her nutritional advice. I quickly realized how much more she could offer. Shazi has been a counsellor, mentor, truth-teller, and bedrock of support. More than just guiding me towards healthy eating, she’s helped me find a more honest relationship to life.
– Ari

Shazi Shabatian is quite possibly the greatest nutritionist you can find. She has the ability to break down even the simplest things into terms that you understand. Her approach is completely individualized. She takes the time to understand your abnormal behaviors and apprehensions and helps create solutions to solve the immediate issues at hand, as well as creating small steps to help you achieve your long-term nutritional goals. Shazi can answer any nutritional question; it is impossible to stump her. From a professional standpoint, Shazi is everything you want in quality comprehensive nutritional care. But the best part about Shazi is how much she genuinely cares about her clients. You can walk into Shazi’s office and tell her anything, whether it is just a mere highlight of your day or that you got the job of your dreams, she wants to hear it. She remembers things about you, follows up on your life, and experiences both the positives and negatives with you. Shazi is never a by-stander, both in her approach to nutrition and with regards to your overall emotional health. She is like the best friend who tells you how it is and makes sure you eat dinner. There are no words to describe the ways Shazi has changed my life. Her practice is the gold standard. She is truly magical, able to change all the “unsolvable horrors” of your relationships with food so you can live a happy, healthy, sustainable life. I highly recommend Shazi to anyone, she will change your life.
– Nicole

Shazi Shabatian is a fantastic nutritionist. She is much more than a glorified dietitian — she is an intelligent and knowledgeable medical nutritionist. I have been seeing her intermittently for over a year to address a number of serious health issues, which create a number of contradictions in terms of what can and can’t be eaten. All of my top-drawer physicians have been very impressed with her knowledge and her approach. Plus she couldn’t be more caring or more friendly. I also brought my elderly mother to her for some help with her nutrition, a woman who is hard to please, and she too was very happy with Shazi’s treatment suggestions. I can’t speak highly enough of her.
– Keith

Having Shazi Shabatian as my Dietitian is the best thing I could have done for myself. I struggled with two eating disorders for several years and Shazi was there to help me get through every step of my journey. She truly cares about her patients. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for her, I do not think I would be alive today. She listens, works with your needs, and does not waste your time. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her!
– Jessica

If I could give Shazi 10 stars I would! For more than 35 years I have struggled with a variety of chronic illnesses and in all that time I can honestly say that Shazi has provided the most helpful nutritional and therapeutic guidance. She not only has amazing knowledge of nutrition, she is creative, innovative and motivating. My nutrition is better, and thanks to Shazi’s understanding of psychology, and her amazing communication skills I have more hope and less despair about my condition. As all my doctors have said, “Shazi is awesome!”
– Martha

15 years deep into continually crossing the line of disordered eating and eating disorders, 3 therapy attempts, and 1 other amazing dietitian…I had made great strides, but I was stuck believing “this is as good as it will ever get for me: daily torment.” This was my last effort, referred by my previous dietitian. I had no idea it was my last effort because I’d overcome not only the physical aspects of the disorder, but also gain emotional mastery. Shazi uses a personalized approach. Every clinician is (or should be) empathetic, but it’s paramount to build rapport that can withstand the actual work: the stuff no eating disorder client wants to do or talk about. I felt safe in that Shazi would always push me, but never more than I could handle. She gets that eating disorders are comprised of more than food alone, and is able to navigate difficult conversations that are critical in understanding the eating disorder, and how to beat it. It’s apparent she thinks about your case between sessions, and she is remarkable at detecting patterns and themes that serve to keep the disorder alive, as well as coming up with alternatives to squelch its momentum. Whether you’re ready to work on your issues with food, or still in contemplation, Shazi will work with you where you are. All that’s left to do is make the call.
– MN